Augmented Reality (AR): A First Step

Introduces the basics of AR app development | taught by Kesha Williams

Course description

This tutorial is for technology professionals wanting a quick introduction to building Augmented Reality (AR) applications using Unity3D and Vuforia. In this tutorial, a page from the National Geographic November 2016 issue, Guide To The Night Sky, is brought to life.

The tutorial introduces the key concepts of building an AR application:

  • The installation and configuration of the development environment is covered.
  • The development of an AR application using standard Asset Packages is covered.
  • Application deployment to an Android Device (i.e. Kindle Fire) for testing is covered.

Unity Version: 5.5.1f1 Edu

Vuforia Version: 6.2.6

Kesha Williams
Kesha Williams
Software Engineering Manager

Kesha Williams is an award-winning software engineering manager with over 20 years’ experience. She has trained and mentored thousands of software developers in the US, Europe, and Asia while teaching at the university level. She routinely leads innovation teams in proving out emerging technologies and shares her learnings at conferences around the globe. She’s spoken about machine learning on the TED stage as a winner of TED’s Spotlight Presentation Academy. Additionally, her pioneering work in the field of artificial intelligence earned her the Ada Lovelace Award  in Computer Engineering from Look Far and the distinction of Alexa Champion from Amazon. In her spare time, she authors video courses, leads the Georgia chapter of Technovation, and mentors women in tech through  WEST (Women Entering & Staying in Tech), New York Academy of Sciences, and Women Who Code.

Course Curriculum

Identify Your Application Trigger Type
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Tips for Testing & Making Assets More Lifelike Within Unity3D Environment
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Deploy & Test on Android Device
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